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Why did I receive a toll notice when I have an electronic tag account?

Toll notices are sent when you the toll can't be drawn from your account, or if no tag is detected in the vehicle. If your credit card expires, you need to provide the new expiry date to your tag provider, otherwise they cannot draw funds to keep your account in credit. You might also wish to add your licence plate number to the account so it can be automatically matched if there is an error reading your tag.


What's the difference between a tag and a pass?

A tag is an electronic device that you purchase from a tag provider and attach to the inside of your vehicle's windscreen. All tags work on all motorways in Australia. Different tag products are available from each of the motorway operators, all with different setup and running costs. When you travel through a toll point, sensors detect the tag and the toll is automatically charged to your toll account. There are no additional costs for using most tag products.
A pass is an arrangement between you and a motorway to use that motorway for an agreed period of time. You provide your number plate details to the motorway operator and they will charge the toll and any applicable setup and administration fees to your credit card or bank account. Visit the Payment options page for contact details of tolling providers.


How do I transport an electronic tag?

Tolling systems can sometimes detect electronic tags that are not directly mounted on the windscreen. If you are travelling around the network with your tag in your luggage or even sending an electronic tag by post to a friend or family, you may be charged the toll. To avoid being charged, you can use a Shielding Bag or aluminium foil which will prevent the tolling system from recognising the tag.


How do I get an electronic tag or pass?

There are a range of electronic tag and pass products available through different providers. Each operator may apply different charges, deposits and top-up amounts. To find out more about the different products available, visit the Payment Options page.


Which roads are the toll roads in Sydney and what are the tolls?

The toll roads in Sydney are the M2, M5 (not including M5 East) and M7, the Lane Cove Tunnel, Military Road E-Ramps, Eastern Distributor, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel and the Cross City Tunnel. Use the map on the Maps & tolls page on this site to determine the tolls.


Does it cost any more to use a tag or a pass?

Most tag providers offer tag products with a tag security deposit. Once you pay the deposit, all you pay for is the tolls (providing your tag is used correctly). However some tag providers offer different tag products, for example, a monthly tag fee rather than an upfront security deposit. If you use a pass, you will be charged an additional video matching fee for each trip.


Can I use any tag on any toll road?

Yes, which ever tag you have - RMS E-Toll, Roam Express E-Tag, E-way, Roam e-TAG, or any other Australian tag - you can use it on every toll road in Australia. Your tag will beep as you drive past toll points and the toll will be charged to your account.


Can I use a pass on any toll road?

A pass product purchased in NSW can only be used on NSW tollroads. For more information please contact your pass provider.


What should I do if I drive on a fully electronic toll road without an electronic tag?

You will need to arrange a pass by contacting a tolling provider within 3 days of your trip. Roadside signs provide the telephone number of the motorway’s preferred tolling provider, however you can choose any NSW tolling product.  If you do not arrange a pass product within 3 days, you will receive a toll notice in the mail which you will need to pay. There may additional fees or charges for paying the toll in this manner.


Is there a fine for using a fully electronic toll road without having an electronic tag?

There are additional fees and charges for using a fully electronic toll road or lane without a tag or pass agreement. You will need to contact the relevant toll road operator on the contact details provided by the motorway. If you receive a toll notice and do not pay the toll and any applicable administration fees, you can be fined.


I don't have a tag or a pass, can I still use a fully electronic road?

Yes, you can use a fully electronic motorway at any time, but you will need to arrange a pass either before or within 3 days of your trip. Road signs on the motorway will show the phone number and website details. You can also visit the Payment Options page to learn more about tags and passes.


Can I claim the cash back for travel on Sydney toll roads?

Cash back for travel on M5 is only available to holders of an electronic tag product who drive a privately registered vehicle. Electronic pass holders are not eligible to claim the cash back. If you wish to make a claim, you will need to login to your tag account and complete an online form. You can also complete a paper form available from the RMS website. For more information about the M5 cash back, visit


Can I use an electronic tag from another state on Sydney Motorways?

Yes. Whether you’re visiting Sydney or another state, your electronic tag can be used to pay for travel on any toll road in Australia. Electronic tag interoperability makes it easier for you to travel from one state to another and manage your tolls using your normal electronic tag account. Visit Payment options for more information about NSW electronic tag products and electronic tag providers.


I am a motorcycle rider. Can I still use an electronic tag product?

Yes. Motorcycle riders can use electronic tag products on all of Sydney tollroads. If you do wish to travel with your tag, make sure it is firmly fixed to your motorcycle as you may be liable for the replacement cost if it is lost or damaged. Some tag providers do not require you to carry your tag when you ride as your trip can be matched to your motorcycle licence plate number listed on your account.


Why are motorcyclists charged the same rate as cars?

In general, motorcyclists are charged the same rate as cars as the effectively occupy the same road capacity as passenger vehicles. Road capacity is determined by the length of the vehicle with a ‘three second gap’ rule that ensures adequate vehicle stopping distances. .

Some motorway operators choose to provide a discount, however they are not obliged to under the terms of the contract with the NSW Government. RMS E-Toll provide an EZRider product which allows unlimited travel on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel for a set quarterly fee.



Where should I affix my electronic tag?

Most electronic tag products are designed to be affixed under the rear view mirror of your vehicle. If you simply hold your electronic tag up to the windscreen at the toll point, chances are that your trip will not be recorded and you may attract a video matching fee. Check with your electronic tag provider for information about the holders available for your model of electronic tag.


What are some general facts of electronic tolling products?

An electronic tag is designed to be placed under the interior rear view mirror of your vehicle. Electronic tags are designed to cope with temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius and last about five years under normal operating conditions. Unlike other devices, electronic tags are not affected by radios or mobile telephones. As you travel through a toll point, your electronic tag should emit an audible tone at about 55db. If you notice that your tag needs replacing, contact your electronic tag provider.


If I sell or trade in my car, should I tell my electronic tag provider?

Yes. The information you provide to Roads and Maritime Services is only used for transferring your registration and is not shared with electronic tag providers. If you have not updated your number plate details with the tag provider and the new owner of your car fails to pay a toll, you may receive a toll notice for any unpaid trips.


What are video matching fees? Why am I charged these?

Video matching fees may be imposed by some tag and motorway providers to recover the cost of manually matching licence plates against those recorded by an electronic tag issuer. For more information, check with your electronic tag or pass provider.


Why am I charged an inactive account keeping fee?

Some providers may charge you an inactive account keeping fee if you do not use your tag once within a set time period. Electronic tag providers charge this fee to recover costs associated with account administration and tag maintenance for non use. You can avoid these charges by choosing a product which best suits your needs and checking with your tag provider if they charge this fee.


What do the toll codes mean?

Toll codes appear on tag and pass statements and are used to identify the location of the toll gantry. Download a list of all the toll gantry codes (PDF).


Is GST charged on tolls?

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is charged on all tolls in NSW.


I drive a motorcycle. Do I have to pay the toll?

Yes. Motorcyclists are required to pay the same toll as a car due to the similar length of roadspace occupied by the two types of vehicles.

Motorcyclists can take advantage of reduced tolls for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel by purchasing a quarterly RMS ERider product.


I received a toll notice but was not the driver or owner of the vehicle

You can nominate another person by completing a statutory declaration.


I received a toll notice but I didn't make a trip. What can I do?

You can lodge an objection to the motorway operator.


How do I submit a statutory declaration for a toll notice?

If you wish to nominate another person for the toll notice, you need to complete a statutory declaration.


What happens if my tag doesn't work?

If your tag doesn't work when you pass through a gantry, a photograph of your licence plate will be taken. If you have not set up your numberplate to your tag account, a toll notice will be sent to the registered operator. Your tag provider should be able to assist you setup your numberplate online or over the phone. Find out more about the contact details of tag providers


What is the difference between an administration fee and a no tag fee?

If you receive a toll notice, you will be asked to pay either an administration fee (typically $10.00) or a toll notice fee (typically $1.10). If you don't have a valid electronic tag, then you will have to pay the toll notice administration fee. These fees are charged to recover the real costs associated with reviewing the violation image, processing the licence plate number, printing and posting the toll notice and processing payments. However this fee is discounted if you pay using a valid electronic tag account.


Are there any toll concessions for motorists with a disability or pensioners?

Private motorways are not obliged to provide motorists with a disability or pension a toll concession. However, some motorists may apply for a RMS E-Toll tolling product to allow them free travel on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel. Learn more


Need answers to more specific Frequently Asked Questions?

Electronic tag and pass providers offer more information about specific products they offer. For NSW electronic tag and pass providers visit E-way (tag only), Roam, Roam-Express, RMS E-Toll.




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