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Eastern Distributor

The Eastern Distributor provides a fast, efficient, easy link for travelling from the North, South and East of the city. It provides quick access between the City and the Airport. Designed for the minimum impact on the area it passes through, it is a good example of how urban design can create a blend between the old and the new.

The motorway slashed city-to-airport travel times by at least ten minutes and made journeys faster and safer for motorists, commuters, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Using the motorway bypass 19 sets of traffic lights.

The Eastern Distributor joins the Southern Cross Drive, the M5 East, the Harbour Bridge, the Harbour Tunnel and the Cross City Tunnel, giving motorists direct connections across the city.

Phone: (02) 8356 2200
Website: www.easterndistributor.com

Fast facts

Opened: December 1999
Length: 5.4km
Connects: The Cahill Expressway and Harbour Tunnel to the Cross City Tunnel and Southern Cross Drive.
Toll type: Flat rate, charged northbound direction only.
Toll payment: Electronic tag and NSW pass only
Handback Date: 23 July 2048

For more information, please refer to Payment options.

Eastern Distributor Eastern Distributor

Eastern Distributor
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