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Tolls, Tags and Passes

Sydney's Orbital Network is made up of nine motorways linked with expressways, freeways and other main roads. All motorways are owned and operated by private operators (except for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and M4 Western Motorway) and a toll is charged for their use.

There is a range of electronic tag and pass products available through different providers. Each provider may apply different charges, deposits and top-up amounts. To find out more about the different products available, contact the tag or pass issuers.

The available payment options are detailed below. See the About Sydney motorways section for detailed payment options for each of the motorways.

Motorway Toll charged Toll type
Sydney Harbour Tunnel Southbound Time based
Sydney Harbour Bridge Southbound Time based
Eastern Distributor Northbound Flat rate
M5 Each direction Flat rate
M7 Each direction Distance based
M2 - North Ryde (mainline),
Herring and Christie Roads,
Pennant Hills Road, Windsor Road
Each direction Flat rate
Lane Cove Tunnel Each direction Flat rate
Military Road E-Ramps Each direction Flat rate
Cross City Tunnel - Main tunnel Each direction Flat rate
Cross City Tunnel - Sir John Young Cres Northbound Flat rate

The M4 Motorway and the M5 East Motorway are toll free.


Electronic tags are the easiest way to pay motorway tolls. Most tag products generally require you to pay a security deposit and a pre-paid toll balance. When the pre-paid toll balance drops to a certain amount, your toll account is topped up by the tag provider using your nominated credit card or bank account.
All Australian tags work on all motorways around the country.


An electronic pass is an arrangement where your number plate is temporarily recorded in the tolling system. If you are visiting Sydney or are an infrequent user of toll roads, this may be your best payment option for the fully electronic motorways. With pass products you'll pay a video matching fee for each trip you make on a motorway. Motorcyclists can also purchase a quarterly electronic pass from Roads and Maritime E-Toll that allows unlimited travel on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel.
Only passes purchased from the providers listed below are accepted on NSW tolled motorways.

Where to purchase a tag or pass

Electronic tag and toll pass products are available from the following providers:

Provider Web
(Business Hours)
Business Hours
Roam www.roam.com.au 13 86 55 8am-8pm 7 days
Roam Express www.roamexpress.com.au 13 76 26 8am-8pm 7 days
E-Toll www.myetoll.com.au 13 18 65 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
8am-12pm Sat
E-way (tag only) www.tollpay.com.au 1300 555 833 8am-7pm Mon-Fri
9am-1pm Sat


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