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Cashless tolling

Sydney tollroads are cashless, meaning that they only accept payment by electronic tag or pass. Major directional signs leading to a cashless tollroad have the words "TOLLE e" in black letters on a yellow patch.

You will need either an electronic tag1 or an electronic pass2 to pay your tolls on a cashless tollroad. If you do not have a tag, you can obtain a toll pass before you leave home or up to 3 days after you use a cashless tollroad.

All Australian E-Tags are accepted on all toll roads in Australia, regardless of where your E-Tag provider is located. Even if you travel on a toll road only once or twice a year, an electronic tag is a worthwhile solution to cover your tolls.

As all Australian tollroads are cashless, it is worth getting a tag even if you visit Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane just a few times a year.
- Tags are accepted on all toll roads in Australia.
- Passes are usually only valid for up to 30 days in one city.

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Electronic tag and pass products are available from the following providers:

Provider Web
(Business Hours)
Business Hours
Roam 13 86 55 6am-8pm Mon-Fri
8am-8pm Weekends
Roam Express 13 76 26 8am-8pm 7 days
RMS E-Toll 13 18 65 8:30am-5pm Mon-Fri
8:30am-12pm Sat
E-way (tag only) 1300 555 833 8am-7pm Mon-Fri
9am-1pm Sat

Toll Notices

Toll notices are not fines – they are simply a letter requesting payment of a toll if you travelled on a toll road without a valid tag or pass arrangement. Toll Notices require payment of the toll plus an administration fee (typically $10 toll notice fee or $1.10 toll notice transfer fee with electronic tag account) to cover the extra cost of collecting the toll in this manner. Failure to pay a toll notice may result in a penalty notice being issued.

Using a rental car on a tollroad

Some rental car companies have introduced electronic toll payment options as part of the use of the vehicle. These rental vehicles are fitted with an electronic tag, and customers who have hired a vehicle from these providers cannot use their own electronic tag or pass product. Using your own electronic tag or pass product may result in you being charged twice for the trip. If you need to carry your own tag with you in the rental vehicle, please ask your rental vehicle provider for a 'shield bag' to store your tag in.

If your rental car company does not provide an electronic tag, you can arrange an electronic pass yourself. It is important that when you open the pass to check the state of registration of the licence plate number and ensure that the pass is only valid for the days you use the vehicle.

If you have not paid a toll by an electronic tag or pass, a Toll Notice will be sent to the rental car company. Rental car companies charge over $30.00 simply to redirect each Toll Notice. This is in addition to the tolls and administrative charges incurred by you, so if you drive a rental car in Sydney, make sure you have an arrangement to pay tolls

Provider TAG/PASS provider details
Avis/Budget, Thrifty, Europcar, Apex, Bargain, Cheaper, Redspot Auburn, Turnbulls Hire Drive, Newcastle Car and Truck Rental, Southern Cross Truck Rentals RMS E-Toll
Hertz Roam Express

Travelling by taxi

If you are travelling by taxi and decide to use tollroads, the driver will charge you the tolls as part of your total fare. If you travel into the city using the Sydney Harbour Bridge or tunnel, you will be charged the toll for a return northbound journey also in accordance with the maximum taxi fares and charges. For more information visit Transport for NSW website

Travelling interstate

If you are travelling interstate and plan on using Sydney Motorways, an electronic tag is your best way of paying for your tolls. If you do decide to purchase a pass, you will need to arrange a pass in the state of travel. A list of interstate providers is below:

Queensland Victoria

go via
1331 331 or

132 629 or

(07) 3046 4046 or

135 465 or

AirportLink M7
1300 113 330 or

135 465 or

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Glove Box Guide to Tolling

Click on this link and go to 'Driving information' to order a free hard copy of the Sydney Motorways map. Alternatively, you can download a copy of the map.

Sydney motorweays Guide

Download your free copy of the Glove box Guide to Tolling as a concise reference tool for when you travel

1. Electronic tags are read by sensors at toll plazas and collection points and your toll account is automatically debited. All tags offered in Australia work on all motorways around the country. If you have a tag, look for the lanes marked with the red and yellow 'E' symbol.
2. An electronic pass is an arrangement where your number plate is temporarily recorded in the tolling system. You can use a pass on the roads marked with the red and white 'e' symbol.

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